No Wire Hangers!



    At they offer a wide selection of clothing worn by such classic actresses as Claudette Colbert, Sophia Loren, Gina Lollobrigida and Marlene Dietrich.
    One of my personal favorites is this gold lame gown worn by Joan Crawford. The low cut back and the draped, yet fitted style of the gown is the epitome of 1930's Hollywood glamour.



Alyssa Williams

What an incredible website. I've been researching 1950's advertisements and women's images for quite some time, and your collection/site has been a treat!

Thanks so much Alyssa! -Lulu


i really love your site! was wondering if you ever feature trousers or pants as well?

Occasionally I will feature vintage pants/trousers but, it's hard to come across cool old designs. -Lulu

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