The Glamourous 30's


    Lately, my fiance and I have been on an old movie kick. About every three days we go to Movie Madness, a store whose selection never ceases to amaze us, and rent a couple of movies.
    We have really been enjoying watching Busby Berkeley movies. The other night we went in and were looking at the covers of some of his movies. We found the cover of Fashions of 1934. We thought that it looked like an entertaining movie. So, we checked it out. Only later to realize that we had watched the movie about a month before! We didn't mind though because it was a fun movie starring William Powell and Bette Davis.
    One of our favorite Busby Berkeley movies is Footlight Parade with James Cagney. The banter between Joan Blondell and Cagney is slick, fast paced and funny. The sets are lavish. And the costumes are amazing, full of classic 30's glamour.
    I don't think that movie sets as elaborate and on such a large scale as these would be produced today. They truly are awe inspiring!


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