Valentine Greetings

    Besides collecting vintage clothing I also collect vintage Valentines. I love the whimsy of old Valentines. The sayings, colors and images are fun and beautiful.
    Esther A. Howland was one of the first to commercially produce Valentine cards in the United States. She started manufacturing cards in the 1840's. The cards were made of lace, ribbons and pictures.
    When I was in grade school, each year for Valentine's Day we would give each of our classmates Valentines. We would make an envelope or box for our friends to deliver their Valentines to. The Valentines were cute and silly. With drawings of boys and girls with witty sayings printed on them.
    Unfortunately the fun, cute and silly Valentines have been replaced by loud commercial Valentines featuring the latest cartoon characters. It is practically impossible to find Valentines that don't feature a trademarked character.
    So, if you are feeling nostalgic and would like to see more beautiful old Valentines, like the one above, check out Country Joe's Paper and Postcards.   


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