Lilly Dache's Talking Through My Hats & Glamour Book

I love this book cover- it's got such wonderful graphics!
This is a First Edition, First printing of Lilly Dache's autobiography.
You can "Buy It Now" for $150- over at Davenport Books on eBay.

An autographed photo of Lilly Dache.
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Lilly Dache's Glamour Book.
You can buy it for $40- over at Gibson's Books and West Station Antiques on


Sue Jack

I just finished reading both of Lilly Dache's books and they were quite entertaining!

Talking Through My Hats is great for any entrepreneur looking for encouragement. She begins her story as a child in France and ends it describing her empire and married life.

Lilly Dache's Glamour Book, however, was pure enjoyment. This read is all about 1950's glamour and how to be the best you can be. And how they did that in the early 50's was, in some cases, hilarious! On the other hand, you will be surprised that some of our "modern-day" beauty rituals have not changed one bit!

I would recommend both of these reads to any glamour fashionista. In fact, I'll definitely be reading her Glamour Book again!

Thanks Sue for sharing your thoughts on these books! They sound like great reads! -Lulu

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