B is for Blass


    Bill Blass was born William Ralph Blass on June 22, 1922 in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
    When he was 15 he sold sketches of evening gowns to a New York manufacturer for $25- each
    At the age of 17 he left home and began attending fashion school in New York.
    After working for awhile as a sketch artist he joined the Army in 1942.
    In 1945 he left the army and worked for various different design houses including Maurice Rentner Ltd. which he became vice president of.
    It was in 1970 that he started his own company Bill Blass Limited.
    His designs were known for their casual glamour.
    Nancy Reagan and various socialites were noted for wearing his dresses.
    He had a small stroke in 1998 and ended up selling his company for $50- million dollars at the end of 1999.
    In 2002 he died of cancer.
    *The photo posted above was taken from harpercollins.com through which Blass published his autobiography.

1960's black dress made out of satin and wool boucle.
This dress features cute bow details on the back of the straps.
Measurements are 34" Chest, 31" Waist and 35" Hips
You can purchase this dress for $500- over at Unique Boutique NYC (once at the website you will find the dress located in the right hand column second from the bottom).

1960's champagne colored silk satin dress.
This dress features smocked detail at the top and a sash belt at the waist.
The chest measures up to 40"
You can purchase this dress for $410- over at Enokiworld.com

1960's navy silk dress.
This dress features a high pleated ruffle at the neck which plunges in the back.
Measurements are 34" Chest, 25" Waist and up to 38" Hips
You can "Buy It Now" for $199- over at SO-FANCY-IT-HURTS on eBay.

1970's cream silk chiffon.
This dress features beautiful draping creating a wonderful Greek goddess look.
The waist measures 26"
You can purchase this dress for $325- over at The Story on Fashion Dig.


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