I is for Irene

    Irene Lentz was born in 1907 in South Dakota.   
    In 1927 she moved to Los Angeles where she studied at the Wolfe School of Design and opened a dress shop.
    She closed her shop after the death of her first husband- but opened a second shop in 1933.   
    In 1933 she also became the head of Bullocks Wilshire Costume Design Salon in Hollywood where she designed clothing for the Hollywood elite to wear on and off the screen.
    Irene worked freelance from 1938-1942.
    In 1942 she became the head designer for MGM.
    Two years before she left MGM (1949) she opened Irene, Inc. with the backing from many different department stores including Bullocks Wilshire, Marshall Field and Neiman Marcus.
    During her career Irene dressed such stars as Ingrid Bergman, Marlene Dietrich, Irene Dunne, Ava Gardner and Katharine Hepburn.
    She committed suicide in November 1962 at the Knickerbocker Hotel in Los Angeles.

Black dress made of sheer silk chiffon and French lace.
This dress features an under dress made of silk crepe.
Measurements are 34" Chest, 24" Waist and 34" Hips
You can purchase this dress for $1,750- over at Katy Kane

Charcoal grey wool suit jacket.
The cuffs have holes where you can wear cufflinks.
Chest measures 36"
You can purchase this jacket for $150- over at VintageTrends.com

Pink satin opera coat.
This coat features a single button in the front.
Size 4-12
You can purchase this coat for $495 over at the Antique & Vintage Dress Gallery


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