J is for Johnson

    Betsey Johnson was born on August 10,1942 in Connecticut.   
    She studied for a year at Pratt Institute before continuing onto Syracuse University where she graduated in 1964.
    In 1964 she won a contest to be the guest editor of an issue of Mademoiselle.
    She became the head designer in 1965 at Paraphernalia, a hip New York boutique.
    Betsey hung out with Andy Warhol's crowd and she was married for a short time to the Velvet Underground's John Cale.
    In 1969 she opened her own shop called Betsey Bunki Nini.
    In the early 1970's she designed clothing for the label Alley Cat which was a popular label amongst the rock and roll crowd.
    In 1972 she won the Coty Award.
    1978 was the year that Betsey began a partnership with Chantal Bacon, they started Betsey's own label and opened their first boutique in Soho.
    Today there are over forty Betsey Johnson stores around the world including stores in such places as Los Angeles, Toronto, Dubai and Tokyo.
    *The photograph pictured above was taken from iTraveliShop

Alley Cat knit top and skirt in a brown, green, orange, white and purple plaid print.
The top features a black fabric neckline, armholes and hem.
Measurements are 30" Chest, 26" Waist and 36" Hips
You can "Buy It Now" for $290- over at Tribecca Vintage on eBay.

Alley Cat wool skirt.
This skirt features a bold print of water lillies.
The waist measures 24"
You can "Buy It Now" for $325- over at Heavenly Closet on eBay.

Alley Cat knit dress.
This dress features a cute print of pink flowers.
Measurements are 34" Chest and 36" Hips
You can purchase this dress for $430- over at Enokiworld.com


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