P is for Pucci

    Emilio Pucci, the Marchese di Barsento, was born into an old aristocratic family in Naples on November 20, 1914.
    Pucci went to school for two years at Milan University before heading over to the University of Georgia for two more years. From Georgia he headed to Reed College in Portland, Oregon where he received his MA.
    He returned to Italy and earned a doctorate in political science at the University of Florence.
    In the late 40's Pucci was photgraphed by Toni Frissell of Harpers Bazaar on the ski slopes of Italy wearing a ski ensemble of his own design.
    Harpers Bazaar asked for him to design women's winter clothing which they featured in their magazine and which was sold at various different New York department stores.
    In 1950 he opened a couture house on the Isle of Capri.
    Pucci was known for his boldly printed fabrics that he utilized in the design of  blouses, capri pants, dresses, shorts and suits.
    He also designed lines of sweaters, swimwear and underwear for US clothing manufacturers.
    Pucci designed the flight attendant uniforms for Braniff Airlines from 1965-1974. He created six different uniforms which included everything from solid colored dresses to boldly printed separates.
    Pucci died in 1992.
    The Pucci brand carries on today and is being headed by Matthew Williamson as Creative Director.   
    Pucci has a beautifully designed website where you can see images of Emilio Pucci, learn about the company and view the latest collections.
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Late 1960's silk voile dress.
This dress features a blue, green and purple print.
Measurements are 33" Chest and 25/26" Waist
You can purchase this dress for $965- over at the Antique & Vintage Dress Gallery

1960's white velvet purse.
This purse features a bright floral print.
You can purchase this purse for $750- over at Katy Kane

1970 silk jersey dress.
This magenta dress features a print of lilac, pink ivory and purple.
Measurements are 33"-38" Chest and 26" Waist
You can purchase this dress for $685- over at Vintage Textile



I love Pucci! ... i came across his airhostess uniforms online and immediatly fell in love :) But i knew little to nothing about the person behind the designs. What a lucky break his ski suit!!
Thanks for the interesting post ;P

There is a great website that is full of pictures of airline hostess uniforms- the address is: http://uniformfreak.com/
Check it out! -Lulu

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