Q is for Quant


    Mary Quant was born in London in 1934.
    In the early 1950's she studied art at Goldsmith's College of Art in London.
    In 1955 she opened the Chelsea boutique Bazaar with the financial backing of her future husband Alexander Plunket-Greene and their friend Archie McNair.
    When she first started out her boutique Quant only sold clothing, after a short time she started creating her own designs.
    In 1957 she began designing underwear and clothing for J.C.Penney.
    She formed the Ginger Group wholesale design and manufacturing firm in 1963.
    She began a line of cosmetics in 1966.
    In 1983 she started Mary Quant at Home.
    In the early 1980's she established franchise shops in Japan.   
    In 2000 Mary Quant stepped down from her position of director at Mary Quant Ltd.
    Quant will always be remembered for popularizing the mini skirt and appealing to the hip swinging Sixties crowd.

1960's purple suit.
Measurements are top: 38" Chest, 28" Waist and 40" Hips
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1960's pumpkin colored blouson ensemble.
Measurements are 25" Waist and 37" Hips
You can purchase this ensemble for $645- over at Enokiworld.com

1960's black wool coat with leather piping.
Measurements are 35" Chest, 32" Waist and 35" Hips
You can purchase this coat for $325- over at Chelsea Girl


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