S is for Shaheen


    Alfred Shaheen was born in New Jersey in 1922.
    In 1938 his family moved to Honolulu and started a custom garment manufacturing business.
    He played football at Whittier College where he earned a degree in engineering.
    During World War II Shaheen was a fighter pilot in Europe.
    In 1948 he opened Shaheen's of Honolulu- a Hawaiian shirt business.
    He started designing and printing his own fabrics at his factory Surf 'n Sand Hand Prints in 1952.
    In July 2006 he won Hawaii's Lifetime Achievement Award.
    Shaheen retired in 1988.
    Reyn Spooner continues to offer The Alfred Shaheen Collection of men's Hawaiian shirts.
    *The 1950's playsuit posted above can be purchased for $145- over at Madvintage on eBay.

I really like the style of this dress!
1960's/1970's cream dress with black, gold and red print.
This dress features flared sleeves and a fabulous faux obi belt.
Measurements are 38" Chest, 28" Waist and 40" Hips
You can "Buy It Now" for the very reasonable price of $49- over at the ChopSueySisters on eBay

1970's black sun dress with matching bolero jacket.
This dress has an unusual Shaheen pattern of scotty dogs.
Measurements are 36" Chest, 26-28" Waist and Full Hips
The Current bid is $5- and there are 5 days left on the sale over on eBay

1950's red dress with print of dragon rice bowls and chopsticks.
You can "Buy It Now" for $485- over at the ChopSueySisters on eBay.


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