W is for Worth


    Charles Frederick Worth was born on October 13, 1825 in Bourne, Lincolnshire, England.
    His career in fashions started when he was 12 years old working at a drapers shop, a position he held for a year. After which he moved onto an apprenticeship at a haberdashery and then a job with a silk mercers company.
    In 1845 Worth moved to Paris where he worked at Maison Gagelin.
    1850 marked the year that he opened his own dressmaking shop inside of Maison Gagelin.
    Worths creations were displayed at the Great Exhibition in London in 1851 and at the Exposition Universelle in Paris in 1855.
    In 1858 Worth formed a partnership with Otto Bobergh, a Swedish businessman, and opened his own atelier.
    Empress Eugenie was a patron of Worth's atelier and was the major part of what made him such a huge success.
    His atelier was patronized by Sarah Bernhardt, European royalty and society women from around the world.
    He was best know for his elaborately decorated evening gowns.
    Worth was one of the first to put on a fashion show and has been called the "father of haute couture".
    Charles Frederick Worth died in 1895.
    After his death his sons took over his business, and the company remained in the family until it was taken over in 1954 by the house of Paquin.

Gorgeous blue silk satin ball gown from the 1890's.
This gown is decorated with panne velvet and ivory colored Brussels lace.
Measurements are 38" Chest, 28" Waist and 40" Hips
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1880's paisley silk brocade visiting gown.
This gown features Venetian lace cuffs.
Measurements are 36" Chest and 26" Waist
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1890's baby blue silk faille ballgown.
This gown features embroidered lace trim and a cute little bow at the waist.
Measurements are 33" Chest and 22 1/2" Waist
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Jean-Philippe Lemoine

Worth move to Paris in 1845(printingmistake).His aprenticeship story is not as you decribe it though the timming is correct. He never really had a workshop of his own at gagelin, that is why he left them but made some dress, the larget part for his wife. None of his work was exposed at 1851 exhibition. Gagelin won a reward at the 1855 exhibition for a kind of coat une cape that he had manufactured but his name was never put frontward. Etc
read for instance Sanders book and then "you shall know a little bit of the truth"

Thank you for informing me of these things! -Lulu

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