Z is for Zandra Rhodes


    Zandra Rhodes was born in 1940 in Chatham, Kent, England.
    She got her introduction into the fashion world through her mom who had been a fitter at a Paris fashion house and who was a teacher at Medway College of Art.
    Rhodes studied at Medway College before she moved to London where she attended the Royal College of Art.
    In 1969 she opened her own boutique on Fulham Road in West London.
    Both the clothing that Rhodes designs and her own personal style are bright, colorful, whimsical, theatrical and unique.
    She enjoys using zigzag prints, handkerchief hems, crinolines and slashed fabric in her designs.
    Zandra Rhodes continues to design. You can check out her latest fashions on her website

1987 navy blue strapless dress with gold screen printing and lace.
Measurements are 33" Chest and 25" Waist
You can purchase this dress for $985- over at the Antique & Vintage Dress Gallery

1970's dress with floral and squiggle print.
Measurements are Full Chest, 26" unstretched Waist and 44" Hips
You can purchase this dress for $1,500- over at Katy Kane

1970's pink and black dress with a print of fans, bows and pearls.
The chest measures 34-36"
You can purchase this dress for $225- over at Ballyhoo Vintage Clothing



How fun and colorful!


Yes! Incredibly bright and whimsical clothing! -Lulu

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