The Style Council! Serena Thompson of Farm Chicks


    This month's vintage lover is Serena Thompson co-founder of The Farm Chicks
    Serena lives in Spokane, Washington

- How long have you been collecting vintage clothing for?

I've been collecting vintage clothing since I was a little girl.

- What got you into vintage clothing?

Well, my parents always dressed us in vintage out of necessity, as we had very little money at the time, traveling around the country in our little "gypsy wagon" home. I loved wearing the berets that were passed down to me from my grandmother. When I was a teenager, my mom worked at a little shop in our hometown, called Second Hand Rose. I was surrounded by vintage clothing there and would make elaborate window displays with my favorite ensembles.

- What are your favorite eras of clothing?

I love the dresses of the fifties, and the funky fabric and shoes of the sixties.

- What do you like about clothing from these eras?

They're timeless.

- Who are some of your favorite vintage designers?

I'm clueless regarding vintage designers. Honestly, my favorites are the pieces that were made as 4-H and home ec. projects by young women. A lot of thought and love clearly went into those designs.

- Who are some of your favorite modern designers?

Issac Mizrahi, Tsumori Chisato

- What would be your ultimate vintage find?

Great 1960's fabrics are always my favorite. However, I did actually have the ultimate vintage find at a yard sale a few years ago. I found a great old Hawaiian shirt, which I purchased for 10 cents and ended up selling it on ebay for $860!

- Where do you do the majority of your vintage shopping- garage, estate and rummage sales, thrift stores, vintage stores, online vintage stores or eBay?

I do almost all of my vintage shopping at estate sales. It's really common to offered deals like "fill a bag for $1"! If there are no good estate sales and I'm really feeling like looking for vintage clothing, I'll make a stop at Value Village and another thrift shop in Spokane called Classy Rack.

- Is vintage clothing popular in the city that you live in?

Vintage clothing does not seem to be remotely popular in Spokane, which makes estate sales really fun for me. I have purchased more vintage clothing than anyone could ever imagine and most of it with no one else being remotely interested in what I'm digging through. I've also found tons of great pieces for my children who really love vintage clothing as well. My oldest son loves funky western shirts and my second-oldest son favors vintage rock tees.

- Who are some of your favorite style icons?

Jackie Kennedy

- What are your favorite vintage movies, music and television programs?

I grew up with no television and rarely saw movies. When I was a teenager, my parents rented a television and a vcr for a few days and loaded up on Hitchcock movies. I really loved watching those movies. Fashion-wise, what really made an impression on me was reading Nancy Drew books and hearing the descriptions of her outfits.

- Do you collect any other types of collectibles or antiques?

I collect many different types of vintage items, especially loving old farm-type items such as toy cows, toy tractors, and baking items and advertising.

    *Thanks to Serena for answering our Style Council interview questions!

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I really enjoyed that post. I am always on the lookut for little vintage treasures too.

We (my sister and I) also became fans of vintage due to little money and clothes that were lacking in personality and quality.

The local thrift shop was my personal little closet.

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