Fashion Fridays! Teo Jasmin Pillows, Chairs & Settees Featuring Vintage Images

Today I am featuring fashionable items for your home from the French company Teo Jasmin.

Teo Jasmin's items feature vintage images on prints, pillows, settees and stickers.

Images range from the historic architecture of Paris, New York, London and Italy to vintage images of Brigitte Bardot and Geisha girls.

I would love to own any of the fabulous items posted below. What a statement they would make in one's home or store...


BB Pop Blanc pillow.

You can purchase this vintage inspired pillow for 38.00 Euro over at Teo Jasmin


Meji 11 chair.

You can purchase this new chair for 607.00 Euro over at Teo Jasmin


Paris Eiffel 1 Sepia settee.

You can purchase this vintage inspired settee for 2732.00 Euro over at Teo Jasmin


Christina Gough~Fabulous Finds Gal

How fun!!!! I can't wait to check out more.


i wish i had 2732 euro to spend on it!


Thank you for posting the Meji 11 chair, it's gone into my 'new decor wish list' folder! Sara Jayne

Wow, what a cool pillow! Reminds me of pop art.

Yes, it definitely has a Pop Art feel to it! -Lulu

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