Vintage Inspired & Reclaimed Hat, Purse & Skirt

Did you know that several well known online vintage clothing dealers also create vintage inspired fashions out of reclaimed vintage items?!?

Check out a trio of treats from three of our fav vintage dealers...


Red poppy and feather adorned hat.

Created by Ang of Dorothea's Closet Vintage.

You can purchase this hat for $145- over at SugarLids on Etsy.


Japanese sateen bag with large plastic glitter hoop handles.

Created by Maggie of denisebrain.

You can purchase this bag for $32- over at Material Girl Bag's on Etsy.


Wrap skirt with appliqued Smokey the Bear details.

Created by Tressie of Funkoma.

You can purchase this skirt for $38- over at Funkoma on Etsy.



That hat is nothing short of spectacular!

This is really a growing trend...just saw this short video on the CNN site about a person who deconstructs and remakes "old duds" as they put it:

There are so many different styles and trends as part of this movement!

Maggie, Thanks for passing along the video! I just found out that the link above doesn't work- but, you can check out the video if you cut and paste the following address into your browser: -Lulu


oh! after battling rain on the brain...such a sweeeet surprise to see Me! and smokey...I've been cutting it up (if it's damaged) for decades...thanks for featuring some of my very fave supah-sellers/crafters!

The Smokey the Bear print is so much fun! -Lulu


Awww, thanks for the nod!! I just want to make clear I *never* use a viable, good condition vintage piece to create something from. Mine are created from pieces not restorable OR vintage millinery supplies. Great vintage in good condition is so hard to find I would never want to encourage people to destroy it just to use its fabric or design elements! I always restore when possible, its the pieces that I couldn't fix I decided to make use of.

Thanks Lulu!!


It's such a beautiful hat! -Lulu

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