The Mrs. Bradley Mysteries & Marvelous Millinery


Chris and I have been thoroughly enjoying The Mrs. Bradley Mysteries dvd series that we picked up at the library. The series is about the witty Mrs. Bradley who is into Freud and criminology, and her ever helpful chauffeur George Moody, who together go about solving crimes. Mrs. Bradley is played by Diana Rigg who is delightful at delivering one liners. If you enjoyed the witty banter of The Avengers and the ambience and mystery of The Hercule Poirot series, then The Mrs. Bradley Series is your cup of tea! This series is based on Gladys Mitchell crime novels.

The visual highlight of the show is the millinery. I want each and every hat that I've seen in the series. The hats featured on the show have a flapper / Art Deco inspiration to them.

Throughout the week I will be sharing some original fabulous flapper and amazing Art Deco vintage hats that I have found for sale from across the web. Scroll down for today's serving of marvelous millinery.


1920's pearl and sequin skull cap.

You can purchase this hat for $225- from Woodland Farms Vintage


1920's black beaded and sequined headpiece.

You can purchase this headpiece for $200- from 1860-1960


1920's gold sequin cloche.

You can purchase this hat for $845- from Antique Dress


1920's cloche hat with gold sequins.

You can purchase this hat for $350- from Marvita13


1920's gold sequin cloche hat.

You can purchase this hat for $1,845- from Antique Dress


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