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Andi Shelton of Raleigh, North Carolina. Andi is the co-owner of Raleigh Vintage.

Raleigh Vintage placed third in the 2014 Lulu's Vintage People's Choice Awards for Best Online Vintage Clothing Store.

Since Andi's store is the recipient of both the 2014 Lulu's Vintage People's Choice Award and my 2014 Lulu's Personal Top 25 Vintage Clothing Websites I am dividing her interview into two parts. Posted below is Part I. Stay tuned in the future for Part II.


Please tell us your name and what city and state you live in.

Andi Shelton, living and working in Raleigh, North Carolina.    I own Raleigh Vintage along with Isaac Panzarella  (my partner in business and love of my life).


Please tell us a little about yourself. Hobbies, interests and work outside of the vintage world.

Although time spent NOT thinking about or working on vintage is extremely limited, I do enjoy some good food and drink with friends.   I love travelling and exploring new places.  A good art museum or used bookshop are some of my favorite places to spend an afternoon.  I worked in archaeology before entering the vintage world full-time and I still enjoy dabbling in that.  I have lots of things still on my ‘to do’ list though:  cheese making, learn to knit, garden more, can more food (yes, I like canning), volunteer more, do more DIY projects, etc.


What got you into vintage clothing? How long have you been collecting vintage clothing for?

Like a lot of vintage clothing sellers, I grew up surrounded by vintage.  When I was young, I spent summers with my grandparents and have wonderful memories of playing dress up in all of the old clothes and jewels I found in the bottom drawers and trunks in their house (including my grandmother’s 1931 prom dress that I still have).   I really got into wearing vintage clothing in college as both a statement of my individuality and a statement of my meager student budget. Then, around 2008, I had the good fortune to work at a friend’s vintage consignment shop.  It eventually closed, but Isaac and I were lucky enough to acquire some of the inventory and our ‘collecting’ phase began.


How much do you incorporate vintage clothing and accessories into your everyday wardrobe?

Although I’m not the ‘head-to-toe” vintage type, I definitely wear some piece of vintage ever day.  I particularly like wearing vintage jewelry with modern outfits or carrying a vintage bag or wearing a vintage coat.  For me, wearing a mix of vintage and modern is both comfortable and easy to show others (skeptics) that vintage truly can be worked into any wardrobe without looking like a costume. 


What are your favorite eras of clothing for wearing? What are your favorite eras of clothing for admiring?

Oh, this is tough since I can find something I love from every era for both wearing and admiring.  I love the attention to detail found in 1930s pieces.  And, the Chanel-style 1920s chic daywear always makes me swoon.  But, I’ve found that late 1960s silhouettes fit my body-type best.


Who are some of your favorite vintage designers?

Chanel (1920s)…of course

Dior (early years)…of course

Schaiparelli…of course

Charles James



Who are some of your favorite modern designers?

I have to confess (and don’t hate me please) that I’m not a modern label hound.  I find that my ‘favorite’ designers change from season to season depending on their collections.


What would be your ultimate vintage fashion find?

Well, a 1920s Chanel outfit would be amazing and I wouldn’t say no to a 1930s Schaiparelli dress!  But, I’ve already found one of my holy grail pieces.  A few years ago I found a late 1920s/early 1930s Callot Soeurs dress with the original French tag still attached!  No lie.


Is vintage clothing popular in the city that you live in?

Sadly, no, vintage clothing isn’t very popular at all here in Raleigh.  There are just a few individuals who wear vintage, very few brick-and-mortar vintage shops, and no real vintage community.   I’m hoping there is change in the air on this front though as several of us local online vintage sellers are banding together and plotting ways to foster and grow our vintage community.


Who are some of your favorite style icons?

For a casual look, definitely Jane Birkin and, for a chic-glamorous look, Wallis Simpson.


What are your favorite vintage movies, music and television programs?

I’m a huge fan of The Woman (1939).  I watch it several times a year and drool over the fashion every time!  And, I’m addicted to Downton Abbey. 


Do you collect any other types of collectibles or antiques?

Not really.  I usually just buy what I fall in love with and also fits the budget - that makes for some very eclectic décor for sure.



I’ve really enjoyed chatting with all of you! 




Thanks to Andi for participating in The Style Council! To check out my recent picks of favorite vintage clothing items from Raleigh Vintage check out this blog post: Lulu's Favorite Finds from Raleigh Vintage 2014 Lulu's Vintage People's Choice # 3 Award Winner

Stay tuned for Style Council interviews with all of the winners of the 2014 Lulu's Vintage People's Choice Awards, as well as Style Council interviews with my 2014 Lulu's Online Vintage Clothing Store Recommendation winners.


If you are interested in participating in The Style Council please contact me at lulusvintagepdx (at)


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