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Today's Style Council Interview is with Tiffany from Roch., NY via NYC. Tiffany is the owner of PinkyAGoGo.

PinkyAGoGo placed tenth in the 2014 Lulu's Vintage People's Choice Awards for Best Online Vintage Clothing Store

Please tell us a little about yourself. Hobbies, interests and work outside of the vintage world.

Outside of the vintage world-- I am a Toy Designer. Have worked for many of the big toy companies over the years. Now I only freelance once in awhile as most of my time is spent searching for vintage~ I am involved with a local animal rescue and I am constantly looking for new music that doesn't make my skin crawl :)

What got you into vintage clothing? How long have you been collecting vintage clothing for?

I always liked to dress differently. In high school would haunt the local thrifts and vintage stores
for the coolest finds.  In college, I would spend weekends at the original Domsey's thrift store in
Brooklyn. It was Mecca--30,000 square feet of vintage. It was cheap--jeans by the pound.
The coolest leather jackets.  There were tons of inexpensive vintage stores in NYC in the late 80s and early 90s. And I spent a lot of time (and money) in all of them!!

How long have you been selling vintage clothing for?

I've been selling professionally since 1998.

What avenues have you sold your vintage merchandise through? Your own web store, Etsy, eBay,
Vintage Shows, Antique Malls, Flea Markets, Your Own Brick & Mortar?

I started out selling on ebay--now I am only on etsy.

How much do you incorporate vintage clothing and accessories into your everyday wardrobe?

I always wear something vintage daily.  I don't have much of a choice as almost all of my wardrobe is vintage including jewelry, handbags, etc.  I can't tell you the last time I purchased something new--

Do you source most of your vintage locally or do you shop online or travel to other cities and states to do your shopping?

All of the above!

What do you feel differentiates your store from others?

There are so many wonderful vintage sellers out there and everyone seems to have their own style.
In my store, I just buy and offer what I like, what I would want to wear. I try to show the item from many different angles. And I always keep the background white--I like how the colors of the vintage clothing 'pops' against the white background.

How do you feel the vintage selling market has evolved since you first began selling?

Great question.  I first started selling online in 1998 in the earlier days of ebay. At that time, people were selling clothing items without pictures! It would be a basic title, something like, "Vintage GiGi Young floral dress", followed by a simple description and either no, or one blurry, out of focus picture.
Hard to imagine that today. Today--it's all about the pictures and photography. Some of the photography that vintage sellers produce is amazing. They really tell a story and set an atmosphere. The online selling trend has gone from no pictures, to photographing the item flat on a bed, to using a
half form mannequin, to a full form mannequin, to using live models, to elaborate sets and themes.
Some of the images that vintage sellers are creating look like they have stepped out of the best
fashion magazines.  It is very impressive.

How do you feel the vintage buying market has evolved since you first began selling?

People are looking for quality items that will stand up for years to come. People are appreciating the quality of these vintage garments now-more than in years past.

Do you have any advice that you would like to offer people just starting out selling vintage clothing

The best advice I ever received is...."Just because it's old doesn't mean it's worth big bucks."
And ..."Buy the best quality you can afford."

Do you have any advice for people who are just starting out shopping for vintage clothing online?

I would suggest buying from a seller who gives very good measurements.
Who takes very clear pictures of the garment from different angles.
If there is a flaw, they should photograph it and describe it in a condition report.
Sellers should always show a photograph of the label if there is one.
Also, I would advise emailing the seller and asking questions.
If the seller answers in a quick, polite and honest fashion, I would feel comfortable buying from that person.

What are your favorite eras of clothing for wearing? What are your favorite eras of clothing for

I love to wear 1950s - 1960s novelty print dresses and skirts when going out but mostly these days I am wearing a vintage 70s or 80s rock t-shirt with jeans. Right now I am in my moms 70s Stones t-shirt. It's so thin it's almost see-thru but I love it so much.

For admiring it would have to be the dresses from the 1920s flapper era. All the hand beading and work that went into these dresses is just amazing.

Who are some of your favorite vintage designers?

Christian Dior, Schiaparelli, Pucci, Courreges and the Vested Gentress for fun novelty prints!

Who are some of your favorite modern designers?

Jean Paul Gaultier, Yohji Yamamoto, Vivienne Westwood.

What would be your ultimate vintage fashion find?

My ultimate vintage find would have to be any dress or item by Schiaparelli from her surrealist period.
Her "lobster' dress or her "shoe" hat. A girl can dream!

Is vintage clothing popular in the city that you live in?

It's popular with a certain artsy type of clique--not mainstream.

Who are some of your favorite style icons?

Grace Jones, David Bowie, Siouxsie Sioux.

What are your favorite vintage movies, music and television programs?

I love any movie with Bette Davis or Robert Mitchum.
Music....I love it all.  Ruth Brown, Big Mama Thornton, Ray Charles, The Velvet Underground, Iggy and
the Stooges, The Kinks.

Do you collect any other types of collectibles or antiques?

I collect Mexican folk art skeletons and skulls, bakelite dice and brooches, chalkware burlesque girls, salesmen sample hats and shoes, purses, novelty printed fabrics, old carnival side show art.


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