December 15, 2009

Jolly Green Giant in Blue Earth, Minnesota

We pulled off the highway and visited the Jolly Green Giant statue in Blue Earth, Minnesota.

On our roadtrip Chris found the perfect green puff coat to pose with the Jolly Green Giant...

Jolly green giant minnesota 1

Jolly green giant minnesota 2

June 26, 2007

Found! Vintage Girl's Dresses & Outfits

Vintage white top with blue rick rack, white top with straps, red jean shorts and red and white seersucker shorts.
Please refer to seller for measurements.
The Starting bid on these outfits is $3.99 and there are 6 days left on their sale over on eBay

This dress has the cutest little print of girls on it!
Dead stock white dress with novelty print and matching red bolero jacket.
Size: 3
You can "Buy It Now" for $44.95 over at Roseann's REMEMBER WHEN Emporium

Dead stock white and gray dress with lace detail.
Size: 5
You can "Buy It Now" for $29.95 over at Roseann's REMEMBER WHEN Emporium on eBay.

NWT plaid dress with Bakelite buttons and matching belt.
Measurements are 30" Chest and 20" Waist (Size: 4)
You can "Buy It Now" for $45- over at The Cats Pajamas Vintage on eBay.

Dead stock white dress with polka dot print and matching coat.
Size: 12
You can "Buy It Now" for $75- over at Roseann's REMEMBER WHEN Emporium on eBay.

February 15, 2007

Incredible 1920's Wedding Dress

    It's that time of year again!
    When recently engaged ladies find themselves hunting for the perfect wedding dress for their special day.
    Well, I say look no further!
    For here is the ultimate wedding outfit...
    A stunningly complete 1920's wedding ensemble...
   "From the estate of Mrs. J. Wise, a Boston area physician's wife who was married in 1926, comes this complete wedding ensemble consisting of the dress, headpiece and veil, shoes, stockings, ring pillow, hankie, and Mr. Wise's bow tie."
    The dress measurements are 34" Chest and 30" Waist.
    The shoes are marked a size 6B.
    The current bid (as of Monday the 19th at 12:03 p.m.) on this incredible ensemble is $207.53 with the Reserve not met and only 1 day left on it's sale over at Couture Allure Vintage Fashion on eBay.




January 11, 2007

Spotted! Lot of Clothing Including Vintage Shaheen & Kamehameha Hawaiian Dresses


    Wow! There are some real gems in this lot!
    This lot contains 9 different pieces of clothing- 7 dresses, 1 ladies blouse and 1 men's shirt.
    My two favorite pieces of clothing are the red cocktail dress with Asian print and the Alfred Shaheen black halter dress with red hibiscus print.
    This lot has a Current bid of $25.88 and there are 9 days left on it's sale over at ChopSueySisters on eBay (the ChopSueySisters have a beautiful selection of vintage Hawaiian clothing over at their eBay store).

January 03, 2007

Spotted! Holt-Howard Cozy Kitten Letter & Pen Holder


    Today's posts are about whimsical cat figurines by Holt-Howard.
    Holt-Howard was founded in 1948. From the start the items that they produced were fun and amusing. Their most popular line was Pixieware. Which featured pixie heads on various different kitchen items.
    My favorite line of items that they produced is the Cozy Kitten collection.
    The cat letter and pen holder pictured above is part of that line.
    Don't you think that this would be a fun and inventive way to store your letters and writing implements!?!
    The current bid on this letter holder is $9.99 and there are 5 days left on it's sale.

Spotted! Holt-Howard Cat Measuring Tape & Pin Box


    This is my personal favorite of all the Holt-Howard items that I found.
    A kitty with a tape measure (that looks like a tongue) coming out of it's mouth- what could be more endearing?!?
    You can store your sewing pins inside the pillow that the kitty is laying on.
    The Current bid on this measuring tape and pin box is $3.58 and there are 4 days left on it's sale.

Spotted! Holt-Howard Cat Salt & Pepper Shakers


    This Holt-Howard salt and pepper set dates from 1958.
    The female kitty is pretty and the male kitty looks quite dapper with his hat!
    The Current bid on these shakers is a mere $0.99 and there are 4 days left on their sale.

December 26, 2006

Spotted! Fabulous Fifties Full Skirt Featuring Felines


    A black felt circle skirt with cat print.
    The white kitty cats have pale blue bows at the neck and are perched atop rooftops.
    The skirt's waist measures 27"
    The Starting bid for this skirt is $9.99 over at Grindles Vintage on ebay.

December 21, 2006

Found! 1960's Mod Italian Sweater


    Ultra hip mod Italian sweater that features a black, blue, brown and white argyle pattern.
    This is a sweater that was meant to be worn tight and would look great with cigarette pants.
    "Buy It Now" for $99.99 over at Your Best Friend's Closet on ebay.

December 13, 2006

Found! Vintage Hermes Gloves


     Black evening gloves are great way to add an extra dash of elegance to an outfit!
    Take for instance this chic pair of black suede gloves decorated with crystals and gold braid.
    The Starting bid on these gloves is $68.99 and there are 5 days left on their auction.

Spotted! Vintage Black Evening Gloves


    I have a particular affinity for long black evening gloves.
    I don't think that there is any other accessory that makes me feel so instantaneously glamorous!
    These black gloves are one of a sixteen pair lot of gloves up for auction.
    Some of the other gloves included in the auction are a short sheer brown pair, a short black crocheted pair,  a black knit pair, an ivory wrist length pair with beading and many others.
    You can buy this lot for the "Buy It Now" Price of only $39- over at The Cats Pajamas Vintage on ebay.

December 11, 2006

Manly Mondays! Vintage Embroidered Western Shirts


    This shirt has such a handsome medley of colors and design!
    It is made out of deep grey blue and chocolate brown gabardine.
    There is light yellow piping above the chest, at the shoulders and on the cuffs.
    The shirt is embroidered with green, red and yellow flowers and there are green cactus embroidered on the side of each sleeve by the shoulder.
    An unusual feature are the gold and red metal horseshoe and star buttons.
    The chest measures 44"
    This custom shirt has a "Buy It Now" price of $345- over at Firefly Vintage Clothing on ebay

December 07, 2006

Found! Vintage Platinum Satin Cocktail Dress & Coat


    An alluring ensemble by Du Puis, Neal of California
    The dress has a large bow/sash detail at the waist that is accented by a large rhinestone brooch and the back has a plunging u shape to it.
    The coat is incredible with it's details such as the ruched sleeves and long attached scarf.
    Measurements are: 40 1/2" Chest and 28" Waist
    The Current bid is $26- over at Vintage Devotion on ebay where there are 6 days left on the sale (unfortunately the dress and coat have some damage-so please check the listing for more details before bidding)


Spotted! Vintage Blue Velvet Ensemble


    Vibrant royal blue velvet dress with matching coat.
    The dress has a full crinoline skirt and the coat is lined in satin.
    Measurements are: 31" Chest and 22" Waist
    This ensemble has a Starting bid of $49.99, and there are 6 days left on it's sale over at Vanity Fair Vintage on ebay

Found! 1950's Silk Gown & Evening Coat


    This is quite a glamorous set!
    The gown is made out of red silk with an abstract purple, white, gold and navy floral pattern.
    There is a large bow at the chest and the skirt has a small train.
    The reversible evening coat is made out of red and gold silk satin.
    You can choose for the coat to be red with gold collar and cuffs or gold with red collar and cuffs.
    Measurements are: 37" Chest, 28" Waist and Full Hips
    This evening ensemble has a "Buy It Now" price of $650- over at Heaven of Gowns on ebay.

December 06, 2006

Cute & Cuddly Coats for Kids

Boy's tweed coat and hat with suede trim. Interior of coat is lined with quilted fabric. You can "Buy It Now" for $24.99 over at Handcrafted Creations and More on ebay.

Girl's leopard print coat with ivory faux fur collar and cuffs. You can "Buy It Now" for $75- over at The Cats Pajamas Vintage on ebay.

Boy's grey coat with brown faux fur collar and matching hat with faux fur ear flaps. The Starting bid on this item is $0.99 and there are 4 days left on the sale over on ebay.

Girl's grey wool coat with black velvet covered buttons, collar and bows. The Starting bid on this item is $9.99 and there are 7 days left on the sale over on ebay.

Boy's wool duffle coat with plaid lined hood. You can buy this coat for $44- over at Vintage

Girl's green wool hooded coat with decorative floral ribbon on either side of the buttons. You can buy this coat for $38- over at Vintage

Boy's navy and white plaid wool coat with velvet collar and matching plaid hat. The Starting bid is $7.99 and there are 2 days left on the sale over at Captains Treasures on ebay.

December 04, 2006

Manly Mondays! Coats To Keep You Handsome & Warm


    With wintertime almost here it is time to start bundling up.
    So, why not look stylish and handsome while doing so!
    The coat pictured above is made out of oatmeal colored wool and features a light rust windowpane check print.
    The measurements are: 46" Chest and 48" Waist
    The Starting bid for this item is $19.99 and there are 6 days left on it's sale

November 30, 2006

Spotted! Sweet Pink Rayon Gown


    A sweet pink rayon nightgown from the 1940's.
    The measurements are 42" Chest, 36" Waist and 50" Hips
    You can "Buy It Now" over at Wyoming Vintage on ebay for $40-

November 23, 2006

Spotted! Faux Leopard Print Hat & Purse


    Isn't this a fabulous set !?!
    A faux leopard hat that has a jaunty little bill with a decorative bow and a matching faux leopard purse.
    This set has a "Buy It Now" price of $75- Hurry There Is Only 1 Day Left On The Sale!

November 21, 2006

Spotted! Vintage Ski Jackets


    Let me say that vintage gabardine ski jackets from the 40's and 50's are a great way to stay warm and look cute while you are out being active in the snow! I have a vintage green gabardine jacket that closes with a little brass buckle at the waist that I love to wear when it gets chilly.
    Check out the jacket pictured above!
    This gray gabardine jacket features cute inset pink detailing above the chest.
    And it has a fitted waist to show off your snow bunny curves!
    The measurements are: 42" Chest and 30" Waist.
    The starting bid on the item is $9.99 and there are 5 days left on it's sale over at Vintage Studio on ebay.


Found! Vintage White Stag Ski Jacket


    This jacket has some nice subtle design touches to it...
    Such as the flowers that are embroidered on the sides of the jacket, the cool button closure at the neck and the signature silvery White Stag zipper.
    The measurements are: 42" Chest and 40" Waist.
    This wool/nylon gabardine jacket has a "Buy It Now" price of $85- over at Wyo Gems Vintage on ebay. Hurry there are only 2 days left on the sale!

November 20, 2006

Spotted! Vintage Black Wool Tuxedo


    This tuxedo is made out of medium weight wool gabardine.
    The set includes a jacket, vest and pants.
    Measurements are 40" Chest, 32" Waist
    This tuxedo has a "Buy It Now" price of $100- over at Wyo Gems Vintage on ebay

November 15, 2006

Found! The Art Of Vogue Covers 1909-1940


    The Art of Vogue Covers 1909-1940 is a must own book for all vintage clothing connoisseurs!
    It is incredible the skill, imagination and creativity it took to design these covers!
    Can you imagine how time consuming it would have been to sketch, paint and draw the kind of mind boggling illustrations that appeared on the cover and inside of Vogue and countless other magazines during this era!
    You can find this book over on ebay where it is being sold by Sunshine Fashion Supermodels Mags for the "Buy It Now" price of $89.99

Spotted! 1930's Vogue Magazine


    Pictured above is a fantastical ad for Guerlain lipstick.
    This is one of the many great illustrations and photographs inside of this June 1937 Vogue magazine.
    This vintage Vogue has a current bid of $9.95 and there are 6 days left on it's sale.

November 14, 2006

Gorgeous Vintage Umbrella


    Vintage umbrellas are one of my personal favorite vintage accessories.
    They are also a vintage accessory that are a necessity here in Portland!
    These old umbrellas come in so many pretty colors and patterns.
    And often times they have intricately carved handles.
    Check out the gorgeous umbrella pictured above!
    This umbrella has such beautiful coloring to it!
    A pinkish red at the pinnacle running into a creamy white.
    The umbrella has a great carved lucite handle and comes with a fun little tassel attached.
    This umbrella has a current bid of $22.50 over on ebay where there are 2 days left on it's sale.

Found! Green Umbrella


    Vintage green rayon umbrella with green marbled handle.
    The starting bid is $5- and there are 6 days left on the sale.

Spotted! Maroon & Plaid Umbrella


    A maroon and plaid umbrella with a fancy plastic handle.
    This umbrella has a starting bid of $9.99 and there are 5 days left on it's sale.

November 09, 2006

Spotted! Navy Blue Knit Sweater & Skirt


    A nice navy blue knit cardigan and skirt.
    The sweater has pearl detailing on the collar and chest pocket, the skirt is pleated.
    Measurements are: 38" Chest, up to 29" Waist and 46" Hips
    This set is being sold for the "Buy It Now" price of $75- over at French at Heart Antiques and Attire on ebay. 

November 06, 2006

Manly Mondays! 12 Vintage Bow Ties


    11 men's clip on bow ties and 1 boy's bow tie.
    This lot of bow ties is being auctioned off over on ebay, where the current bid is $9.99 and there is one day left on the sale.

Found! 1950's Cummerbund & Bow Tie


    A swanky burgundy bow tie and cummerbund set.
    This set has a "Buy It Now" price of $9.99 over at Annie Boomer Vintage on ebay.

October 31, 2006

***Absolutely Incredible Pink Satin Dress***


    I actually gasped with joy when I saw this dress!
    This has to be one of my all time favorite things that I have come across in my search of the web for things to share with you!
    This stunningly gorgeous dress is made out of pink ombre satin. With the color of pink starting out as a pale pink at the top and ending up a rich, deep pink at the bottom.
    The large petal detailing of the skirt is delightful.
    And there is even a sweet light pink satin jacket with three rhinestone buttons that goes over the dress.
    The dress measures 36" Chest, 26" Waist and Full Hips
    The current bid is $72- over at Couture Allure on ebay where there are 6 days left on the sale.


Spotted! Kelly Green Satin Dress


    This glamourous dress is made out of kelly green satin.
    The dress has a marvelous shelf bust and an overall curve accentuating hourglass shape to it.
    The measurements are 36-38" Chest, 28" Waist and up to 39" Hips
    This dress can be bought over at Timeless Vixen on ebay, where it is modeled by their ever effervescent model. The current bid is $202.50 and there are 2 days left on the sale.

October 25, 2006

Found! Red Cardigan with Floral Beading


    This red vintage cardigan is decorated with seed beads, faux pearls and sequins which form a flower design all over the chest, carrying on to the shoulders in the back and highlighted at the cuffs.
    The starting bid is $15.95 and there are 6 days left on it's sale.

Spotted! Incredible Helen Bond Carruther's Cardigan!


    This Helen Bond Carruther's cardigan is a wonderful shade of blue and features incredible ivory embroidered floral appliques.
    The cardigan measures a 44" chest and a 32" waist.
    This sweater is a beautiful vintage investment!
    The current bid is $122.50 and there are 8 days left on the sale. The cardigan is being sold by Happy Birthday Mr President Vintage over on ebay.



October 17, 2006

Rain or Shine...


    You will be cute and stylish in this outfit!
    A fantastic combo of blue and white floral covered coat and matching umbrella.
    You can pick this set up for $55- over at Sixcorneliaplace Vintage Clothing on ebay

September 26, 2006

Chic Art Deco Pajamas


    Chic and glamourous yellow knit pajamas with green and peach art deco detailing.
    You can "Buy It Now" for $350- over at The Cats Pajamas on ebay

September 21, 2006

Traditional 1950's Dirndl Ensemble


    This ensemble is made out of blue cotton and has a fantastic form fitting top.
    The starting bid for this outfit is $75- over at Dirndl Diva on ebay where their store motto is "because every Diva needs a Dirndl"

Very Wearable Vintage Dirndl Dress


    The black cotton fabric with delicate floral print makes this dress modern enough to wear as an everday outfit.
    The dress measures 38" chest, 33" waist and has full hips.
    You can purchase this dirndl for $69.99 over at Retrochicque on ebay.

September 20, 2006

Caro Nan Cutie


    I have a couple of purses by Caro Nan that are very similar to the one pictured above. This type of purse was one of my favorite styles to carry when I was in college.
    Pictured above is a cute woven wooden box bag by Caro Nan.
    The sides of the purse are painted with shops, the top and upper sides of the purse are collaged, there is a penny glued to the lid, and the interior is lined in quilted brown and white gingham.
    I am surprised by how little money Caro Nan purses sell for. I can see them becoming more valuable in the future.
    The purse pictured above has a "Buy It Now" price of $25.50 over at Vintage ELViSReaLLyRoCkS on ebay.

September 19, 2006

Oodles o' Poodles


    Frolicking French poodles with ribbons in their hair.
    This scarf has a current bid of $7.99 has 4 days left on it's sale and is being sold by Popart Maine Antiques on ebay.

Pettin' In The Park, Bad Boy...


    This white silk scarf features a fun print of 50's teenagers on dates.
    The scarf has a "Buy It Now" price of $49.95 over at Hip Vintage Boutique on ebay.

September 11, 2006

Manly Mondays! Vintage Wallets


    The 1950's wallet pictured above comes new in the box.
    The wallet is black with red details on the interior.
    This zippered wallet has a "Buy It Now" price of $9.95 over at thedpgcompany on ebay

Spotted! Vintage Hawaiian Souvenir Wallet


    This fun wallet features a great graphic of a guy surfing.
    It is a souvenir from Hawaii in the 1970s.
    The starting bid is $4.99 and there are 3 days left on the sale.

Found! Dark Brown Leather Wallet


    This vintage wallet is made out of dark brown leather.
    The wallet has a "Buy It Now" price of $9.99 over at Lucky Pearl Vintage Finds on ebay.

September 07, 2006

Sweet New/Old Stock Bloomers


    Bloomers are a wonderful thing to have poking out from underneath a skirt or dress.
    And they are especially handy for all the bike riding ladies out there!
    The white bloomers pictured above are made out of white acetate.
    They have elaborate frilly legs with pink bows at the top.
    These bloomers are a size Large and have a current bid of $25- over on ebay, where they have 3 days left on their sale.
    For a mind boggling selection of new vintage inspired bloomers check out

September 05, 2006

Spotted! Vintage Kliban Cat T-Shirt


    A delightful yellow t-shirt from 1975 with a Kliban cat wearing a sweater that says "I'd rather be mousing."
    The t-shirt is made out of a polyester/cotton blend and is a size large.
    Hurry! There are only 21 hours left on the auction. The current bid is $7.50

September 04, 2006

Manly Mondays! Labor Day Duds


    My fiance suggested that I write about uniforms and work clothes for Labor Day- so here you go...
    The Castrol jacket pictured above is fantastic!
    It is made out of green nylon and has orange and white detailing.
    On the left side of the chest and the right side of the arm are Castrol Motor Oil badges.
    This jacket is a stylish bargain selling for only $49.99 over at

Found! Vintage 7up Work Shirt


    I like the contrast of the green collar with the white of the shirt and the red of the logo.
    This shirt is a size Large and has a starting bid of $7.99 over at Bongo Sam's on ebay.

Spotted! Vintage Renault Jacket


     Go Speed! Go!
    This jacket reminds me of something that one of the characters in a Speed Racer cartoon would wear.
    The jacket is made out of yellow nylon, has black stripe detailing and a Renault patch on the chest.
    This jacket has a "Buy It Now" price of $45- over at Carpet Tacks and Sealing Wax on ebay.

August 31, 2006

1924 "Smart Bathing Fashions" Brochure


    A great brochure with chic and lovely drawings of women in bathing suit ensembles.
    This 1924 brochure has a starting bid of $9- and there are 6 days left on it's sale.