February 08, 2014

Vintage Sewing Patterns with Heart Details


You can purchase this vintage sewing pattern for $14.99 from PatternShop


You can purchase this vintage sewing pattern for $9- from sydcam123


You can purchase this vintage sewing pattern for $20- from KinfolkWearableArt

This blog post was posted on February 8, 2014. If you have questions about these items or would like to purchase them please follow the links provided under each photo to contact the sellers. Lulu's Vintage is not selling these items.

December 12, 2012

Vintage Christmas Cards, Tags, Boxes & Wrapping Paper


From Our House To Your House boxed set of Christmas cards.

You can purchase these cards for $20- from That70sShoppe


Christmas Greetings boxed set of Christmas cards.

You can purchase these cards for $5- from PresenceRemembered


Merry Christmas boxed set of photo Christmas cards.

You can purchase these cards for $39.99 from bkstowell


Slightly disturbing set of Christmas cards featuring elf holding mistletoe over Santa's head.

You can purchase this set of cards for $18- from vintagegoodness1


Be an Angel Wait 'til Christmas gift tags.

You can purchase these tags for $9.95 from especialethel


Set of Christmas gift boxes.

You can purchase these gift boxes for $40- from CocktailsAtFour


Kitty cat and beaded garland Christmas wrapping paper.

You can purchase this wrapping paper for $25- from sugarplumsweet


Ice skating and Christmas tree wrapping paper.

You can purchase this wrapping paper for $12- from simplemittens


Roll of Christmas wrapping paper with ornament design.

You can purchase this wrapping paper for $40- from Objekt314


Christmas wrapping paper featuring men's gifts.

You can purchase this wrapping paper for $4.25 from MidCenturyAddiction

November 20, 2012

Retro Christmas & New Years Postcards at Lulu's Vintage Store in Portland, Oregon

Chris and I are excited to announce the unveiling of our line of retro Christmas & New Years postcards!

These postcards feature original vintage images from the early 20th century. They are only available for purchase at Lulu's Vintage Store located at 916 West Burnside Street in Portland, Oregon...

0029 Real Santa - Front - W

0017 Wicked Santa - Front - W

0033 Joyland Toyland - Front - W

0031 Happy Christmas Woman - Front - W

0032 Noel People - Front - W

0022 December 25 - Front - W

0028 Merry Christmas Trees - Front - W

0034 Christmas Greeting - Front - W

0030 Winter Woman Lanterns - Front - W

0027 Christmas Bell - Front - W

0025 Happy New Year Cat - Front - W

0023 Bonne Annee - Front - W

0007 Happy New Year - Front - W

0024 Happy New Year Mimes - Front - W

0010 Joyous New Year - Front - W

0026 Greetings Happy New Year - Front - W

November 10, 2012

Eclectic Vintage Postcards

I'll admit it- I have an ephemera problem. Especially when it comes to unintentionally funny vintage postcards and ads. When whatever they are trying to sell you or present to you comes off as being incredibly silly and humorous. Like these fun postcards that I just put out at my store. I was tempted to keep several of them including the Leone postcard (my astrological sign) but, I have instead decided to pass them along to others who will enjoy their humor. So, stop by the store today and indulge in your ephemeral passion...

Vintage postcards portland 3

Vintage postcards portland 4

May 05, 2010

Vintage Bridal Shower Party Invitations


Bridge Party for the Bride-To-Be invitations.

You can purchase these invitations for $7- from thevintagemode on Etsy.


Set of 12 Invitation to a Bridal Shower invitations.

You can purchase these for $10- from ZinniaRidge on Etsy.


Two packages of You're Invited To a Shower invitations.

You can purchase these invitations for $16- from carmenandginger on Etsy.


Package of A Bridal Shower Invitation invitations.

You can purchase these invitations for $8- from BountifulBooks on Etsy.


Two packages of Bridal Shower invites.

You can purchase these invitations for $30- from Broomsand Spoons on Etsy.

January 27, 2010

Party Like It's 1931...


This is my kind of party guide!

I love how vibrantly colored and beautifully illustrated this Spring 1931 Parties magazine cover is!

You can purchase this magazine for $35- over at Vintage Martini

February 03, 2009

1950's Child's Pajamas & Robe Pattern


I love vintage sewing pattern cover art!
On this pattern the little girls and their outfits are so cute, and I love the fact that the cat's tongue is sticking out!
You can purchase this child's pajamas and robe pattern for $12- over at Lulu's Vintage Store

March 13, 2007

Lilly Dache's Talking Through My Hats & Glamour Book

I love this book cover- it's got such wonderful graphics!
This is a First Edition, First printing of Lilly Dache's autobiography.
You can "Buy It Now" for $150- over at Davenport Books on eBay.

An autographed photo of Lilly Dache.
You can "Buy It Now" for $149.99 over at Autographed Cards And Photos on eBay.

Lilly Dache's Glamour Book.
You can buy it for $40- over at Gibson's Books and West Station Antiques on GoAntiques.com

November 29, 2006

Vogue Couturier Evening Dress Pattern


    With the holidays fast approaching so is the need for the perfect dress!
    For the ladies handy with a needle and thread I have found three fabulous fifties frocks.
    Check out the head turner posted above!
    How could one not make a dramatic entrance in this ravishing design!
    This 1953 Vogue Couturier evening dress pattern can be purchased over at Blue Gardenia for $225- (once at the website click on the fifties, then go to the third page of patterns).



1954 Vogue Dress Pattern


    Chic and sophisticated dresses in wonderful shades of color perfect for the holidays.
    You can buy this pattern over at Vintage Martini for $14- ("it is missing the neck and arm facings and the band pieces")

1950's Halter Gown Pattern


    An elegant Vogue Special Design halter gown.
    Available for $50- over at Woodland Farm Antiques and Vintage (once at the website click on 1950s then go to page index 177-183)


September 06, 2006

Wedded Bliss


    Well, I am getting married in about a week and a half!!!
    So, what this means is that starting next week and on and off for about the next month my posts may only contain one vintage item per weekday rather than three. But, you can be assured that when all the hoopla is over I will resume my three vintage items per day postings.
    The photo postcard pictured above is from 1931.
    I love the expressions that the couple have on their faces!
    He has kind of a loving smirk and she has a coy look to her.
    This postcard has a "Buy It Now" price of $8.99 and is being sold by Vintage Photo Postcard, which is an ebay seller based in Portugal.

August 31, 2006

1920's Bathing Beauties


    Wow! What a fantastic photograph!
    Ten lovely leggy bathing beauties with waved bob hairstyles.
    This photo is captioned on the back with, "A group of American girls of the stage wearing some fancy one-piece swimming suits on the roof garden of the huge knitting mills of the Gantier & Mattern Co. San Francisco, California."
    This fantastic photo can be purchased for $250- over at Rainbow Creations on GoAntiques.com

August 15, 2006

Chic 1930's Hat Pattern


    Aren't the illustrations of these womens faces and hats great!?!
    This is a 1931 Simplicity Pattern for six different ladies hats.
    You can buy this pattern over at Vintage Martini

1940's Fashionable Fall Hats & Purses


    What cute ideas for hats and matching purses!
    This 1940's McCall Pattern can be bought over at Woodland Farms Antiques and Vintage (once at the website go to the 1940s section, then to index # 145-192, this hat is index #149).

July 18, 2006

1904 Advertising Fan


    The fan pictured above may seem like it's an advertisment for ping pong, but, it's actually an advertisment for a "Boy's and Men's Outfitters".
    This fan, with the lovely lady on the front is from 1904 and you can buy it over at GoAntiques.com

Moxie Advertising Fan


    This fan features a colorful photo of Lillian McKenzie (a Broadway performer) on the front and drawings of cowboys on the back.
    The fan dates from 1919 and is an advertisement for Moxie soda.
    You can purchase this fan over at GoAntiques.com

May 18, 2006

Vintage Poster Collecting


    Today I found some vintage posters featuring fashionable ladies to share with you.
    The lady depicted in this 1970's Orangina poster is wearing a chic orange peel hat.
    The starting bid on the poster pictured above is $125- and there are 3 days left on it's sale.
    If vintage posters are something that interest you, then you must check out The Forbes Collector article, Collecting Vintage Posters by Missy Sullivan.

Vintage 1960's Poster


    These ultra tan ladies seem to be having lots of fun!
    This is a 1960's Austrian poster.
    I think that this is an advertisment for kayaking.
    This and thousands of other vintage posters are available over at the renowned Chisholm Larsson Gallery  (after clicking on the link, you will find the poster located towards the bottom of the page).

Vintage Bally Poster


    Isn't it a fun viewpoint that we have of this lady!
    I like that we see her bending forward fastening her shoe.
    This poster was made by the artist Fix-Masseau in 1985 for Bally shoes.
    You can purchase this poster over at Galerie Montmarte.

April 27, 2006

A Visual History of Shoes & Handbags



Shoes: A Celebration of Pumps, Sandals, Slippers & More by Linda O'Keefe and Handbags: The Power of the Purse by Anna Johnson are both essential books for any fashion and vintage lover to own.
    These books offer up a jaw dropping collection of their title wares.

April 19, 2006

Unique Vintage Spanish Embroidered Postcards


    This is such an incredible postcard!
    It has the most dense embroidery that I have ever seen on this type of postcard!
    Embroidered postcards became popular during the turn of the last century. These older ones are harder to find and are more valuable than the ones from the 50's and 60's.
    For me, these Spanish postcards perfectly combine my love of vintage clothing and vintage postcards together.
    You can obviously read on the postcard above, that you can purchase it and many other lovely embroidered postcards over at VintagePostcards.com.

March 28, 2006

Reflections On Vintage Fashion Magazines


    Is it just me or did they used to have much more fun and inventive covers for fashion magazines?
    It seems like nowadays American fashion magazines usually just have a rather boring picture of some celebrity on their covers.
    I know that more quirky and unusual covers are out there (Italian Vogue), but, it seems for the most part the creativity of fashion magazine covers just doesn't exist anymore.
    I scoured through my ephemera bookmarks and found some fun magazine covers to share with you.
    This artfully done 1946 McCall's can be purchased over at Vintage Martini.

Santa Baby...


    Mr. Claus is looking rather dubiously at the chicly dressed young lady who is trying to get her claws into him.
    What a fun and silly cover! I found this 1946 Vogue over at Vintage Fashion Publications.
    They have a great selection of vintage American and French fashion magazines dating from the turn of the last century up through the turn of this century.

February 14, 2006

Valentine Greetings

    Besides collecting vintage clothing I also collect vintage Valentines. I love the whimsy of old Valentines. The sayings, colors and images are fun and beautiful.
    Esther A. Howland was one of the first to commercially produce Valentine cards in the United States. She started manufacturing cards in the 1840's. The cards were made of lace, ribbons and pictures.
    When I was in grade school, each year for Valentine's Day we would give each of our classmates Valentines. We would make an envelope or box for our friends to deliver their Valentines to. The Valentines were cute and silly. With drawings of boys and girls with witty sayings printed on them.
    Unfortunately the fun, cute and silly Valentines have been replaced by loud commercial Valentines featuring the latest cartoon characters. It is practically impossible to find Valentines that don't feature a trademarked character.
    So, if you are feeling nostalgic and would like to see more beautiful old Valentines, like the one above, check out Country Joe's Paper and Postcards.   

February 08, 2006

Vintage Sewing Patterns


    Vintage sewing patterns are wonderful! Besides offering us the oppurtunity to make a vintage style dress that fits us perfectly, the patterns have such beautiful hand drawn covers!
    When shopping for vintage patterns on the web it is very important to remember to make sure that the pattern you are interested in is an original. There are several websites nowadays that are selling photocopies of vintage patterns. You don't want to end up paying $20- for a pattern that you think is old, only to be sadly surprised that it is just a copy when it arrives in the mail!
    Over at Patterns from the Past they sell a wide selection of original women's, men's and children's patterns. As well as books on crocheting, knitting and sewing. The cute 30's dress pattern above is from their site.