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September 04, 2007

Vintage Aprons

1950's red cotton apron with a fun print of black and white poodles on the pockets.
You can purchase this apron for $59- over at Ballyhoo Vintage Clothing

1940's red cotton apron with rose hanky details.
You can purchase this apron for $35- over at Ballyhoo Vintage Clothing

1950's red cotton apron decorated with white lace.
You can purchase this apron for $22- over at Ballyhoo Vintage Clothing

May 17, 2007

Vintage His & Her Aprons

1941 McCall's "Mr. and Mrs. Aprons with Dog House Pockets and Pot Holders"
You can buy this pattern for $18- over at Vintage Martini

1950's McCall's "Mr. and Mrs. Aprons Hats and Mitts" featuring a pattern of a dog stealing hot dogs.
You can buy this pattern for $15- over at Woodland Farms Antiques & Vintage

1950's Advance His and Hers apron pattern.
You can buy this apron for $27- over at Blue Gardenia (once at the main page click on etc. in the left hand column, then Apron Patterns, go to page 5 of aprons and you will find this pattern second from the bottom on the page)

1954 Simplicity "Family Aprons" pattern.
The father and son get roosters for their aprons, the mother and daughter get hens for theirs.
The Starting bid on this apron is $0.99 and there are 3 days left on it's sale over on eBay

March 01, 2007

Victorian Sewing Boxes & Victorian Shoe Pin Cushions

Black leather heart shaped sewing kit lined with purple velvet.
The set includes various different sewing implements with mother-of-pearl handles.
You can purchase this sewing set for $210- over at Morning Glory Antiques & Jewelry

Moss green velvet hexagon shaped sewing kit.
This set includes various different sewing implements with mother-of-pearl handles.
You can purchase this sewing set for $220- over at Morning Glory Antiques & Jewelry

Leather sewing kit lined with magenta silk.
This kit includes sewing items as well as writing and personal care implements.
You can purchase this sewing set for $599- over at Victorian House Antiques on

What a fun item this is!
A Victorian metal roller skate with pin cushion top.
You can purchase this pin cushion for $150- over at jgshow on eBay

This Victorian metal shoe pin cushion has a pretty gold finish to it.
You can purchase this pin cushion for $38- over at Cupid And The Swan on

Victorian bronze shoe pin cushion.
The auction for this pin cushion starts on March 7 at 8:00 p.m. The Starting Bid is $45- To check out the shoe head over to Antiques And Then Some on

This is a wooden French sewing casket which is marked Palais Royal.
It dates from 1821 and features beautiful mother-of-pearl sewing implements.
You can purchase this sewing casket for $4,400- over at Atena on Trocadero

Mid-Nineteenth century Chinese black and gold laquered tray with sewing implements.
You can purchase this sewing tray for $850- from DeHoogh Antiques on Trocadero

Incredible rosewood sewing box inlaid with exotic woods, ivory and tortoise.
You can purchase this sewing box for 1,550- over at El Alcazar on Trocadero

February 22, 2007

Vintage Fabrics Abloom with Flowers, Paisleys and Strawberries

Today in Portland it's gray and drizzly.
But, there are cheerful signs that Spring is just around the corner!
Daffodils, Paper Whites and Crocus are all starting to push up and the Camelias and Cherry Blossoms are in full bloom.
To brighten up my day and yours I have picked out vintage fabrics that are abloom with flowers, paisleys and strawberries.
All of today's fabrics can be purchased over at Sharon's Antiques Vintage Fabrics

$22- per yard

$48- for 2 1/3 yd x 39"

$26- per yard

$26- per yard

$24- per yard

$22- per yard

$26- per yard

$22- per yard

$26- per yard

$24- per yard

December 20, 2006

Vintage Santa Apron


    It's time to serve up some holiday cheer!
    So, why not put on your best holiday apron and let the festivities begin!
    This whimsical red cotton apron features a pocket made out of Jolly Old St. Nick's head.
    You can buy this apron for $55- over at Vintage Baubles (once at the website scroll about 3/4 the way down the page to this apron's listing).

Vintage Reindeer Apron


    A cute little red and white striped apron with a big red pocket that has an appliqued reindeer on it.
    The Starting bid on this apron is $12- and there are 3 days left on it's sale over at Lush Trunk Girls on ebay.

Vintage Christmas Tree & Santa Claus Apron


    A fun piece of mid-century kitsch to tie around your waist!
    This apron is decorated with two Christmas trees, with the larger of the two being a pocket on which Santa Claus has been appliqued.
    You can "Buy It Now" for $15- over at Vicki's Bargain Barn on ebay.

November 08, 2006

Anitque Fabric


    A white cotton fabric circa 1890 with a bright purple print.
    This fabric is being sold for $37- per 1/2 yard over at Sharon's Antiques Vintage Fabrics.

Antique Crazy Quilt Fabric


    What fun fabric!
    This fabric is from 1886 and features a unique crazy quilt pattern.
    You can purchase this fabric over at for $55-

November 02, 2006

Hungry Like A Wolf


    Uh-Oh looks like this Gay 90's lovely lady is going to have to ward off both the leering bartender and the wolfishly debonair man at the bar.
    What you can't see from the picture above is that she is teasing them with a glimpse of her leg. Back in the day when such a glimpse would have been seen as scandalous and provocative.
    This tea towel is made out of cotton and has the original paper tag still attached.
    You can buy this whimsical tea towel over at Fine Vintage Linens for $28-


Lobster Linen


    What gorgeous looking lobsters!
    This cotton tea towel measures 17" x 33" and can be bought for $36- over at Sharon's Antiques Vintage Fabrics (the towel is located about 3/4 the way down the page)

Vintage London Tea Towel


    What I enjoy about this tea towel is it's bold colors and graphics. I also like the fact that the humans and creatures are similar in size to or larger than the buildings.
    This London souvenir tea towel is made out of Irish linen and is selling for $12- over at Time Was Antiques on

October 10, 2006

Humorous Vintage Pillowcases


    These vintage pillowcases feature a man comfortably lounging in his chair while his harried wife is sprawled out on the fainting couch.
    This set of pillowcases is hard to find. Even more difficult to find, but, all the more amusing is the set where the man is the slave and the woman is the master.
    You can pick up the set of pillowcases pictured above for $134.50 over at

September 19, 2006

Fabulous Fifties Scarf


    This scarf has a fantastic print!
    There are spaces on the scarf where you can write in your favorite record star, favorite sport, favorite cigarette, favorite makeup, write down your car number and check out your astrological sign.
    This fabulous scarf can be bought over at for $74-

June 20, 2006

Cute & Cheerful Rayon Fabric


    I had no idea how hard it was going to be to find vintage rayon fabric to share with you!
    Even ebay only had a few listing of actual vintage print rayon.
    So, my message to you is that if you see some vintage rayon fabric that you love you had better seize the day and the fabric and buy it right away!
    Rayon fabric is the perfect thing for making a retro 40's style dress, blouse or skirt for the summer.
    The cute and cheerful fruit print rayon pictured above can be found over at Revival Fabrics.

Vintage Floral Rayon Fabric


    Brown rayon fabric with sweet white daisy print.
    This fabric can be bought over at Sharon's Antiques Vintage Fabrics. She has the largest selection of vintage rayon fabrics that I found.

Abstract 40's Rayon Fabric


    A fun abstract rayon fabric.
    This fabric is being sold out of Australia, so the measurements are in centimeters and meters.
    You can purchase this over at Flashback.

April 06, 2006

Sweet Vintage Cinderella Apron Pattern


    This is an apron pattern that J.C. Penney's gave away (presumably around the time that the movie Cinderella was released).
    It is has such a sweet picture on the cover!
    You can purchase this over at The Blue Gardenia (once at the site you go to etc. patterns, then to apron patterns, it is on the fourth page of aprons, towards the middle of the page).
     They also have lots of other apron patterns that you can choose from.

Pretty Vintage Apron


    Pretty sheer yellow half apron with pastel floral and Asian print fabric.
    For sale over at Glorious Vintage.

March 09, 2006

Fancy Pants


    Well! Just when I thought I had found all the items that I wanted to write about today- I found these! How could I resist sharing these with you?!?
    You get 6 different ladies in this set of cocktail napkins with the title of "Fancy Pants". My personal favorite is Dolores, she is a fun and cheeky gal!
    These are for sale over at MamaWiskas.

Ciao Bella


    Tending house tends to be the same whether you are in the U.S., England or Italy!
    If you are curious about what it was like to be a housewife in the middle of the last century then you need to check out The House Keepers Compendium  over at BrocanteHome. This site is based in England and has all sorts of interesting articles about vintage housekeeping and vintage inspired living!
    The cute 50's kitchen towel above is one of a set of seven from Italy. The pretty ladies are shown doing the laundry, ironing, sweeping, gardening, shopping etc...

*Sunny California Tablecloth*


    I love the fun and bright print on this! It's a new old stock California tablecloth that can be found over at The Vintage Table.

February 28, 2006

Rock The Jukebox with Whimsical Barkcloth Fabric!

Barkcloth550  Barkcloth575

    Real bark cloth originated in the South Seas. The bark from tropical trees was made into a thin fabric and then was dyed or painted on.
    What we know as barkcloth, actually was called textured cretonne and was brought to the U.S. from France in the 1920's. It gained popularity in the middle of the 1930's. And began being called barkcloth in the 1950's.
     Barkcloth traditionally came with large brightly colored floral prints. In the 1950's and the 1960's a lot of the fabric was printed with more fanciful and modern patterns.
     Scanning the web I found all sorts of fun and whimsically printed barkcloth. This 50's teenage lifestyle barkcloth can be found over at Sharon's Antiques Vintage Fabrics.

February 08, 2006

Vintage Sewing Patterns


    Vintage sewing patterns are wonderful! Besides offering us the oppurtunity to make a vintage style dress that fits us perfectly, the patterns have such beautiful hand drawn covers!
    When shopping for vintage patterns on the web it is very important to remember to make sure that the pattern you are interested in is an original. There are several websites nowadays that are selling photocopies of vintage patterns. You don't want to end up paying $20- for a pattern that you think is old, only to be sadly surprised that it is just a copy when it arrives in the mail!
    Over at Patterns from the Past they sell a wide selection of original women's, men's and children's patterns. As well as books on crocheting, knitting and sewing. The cute 30's dress pattern above is from their site.