Vintage Clothing Websites A-Z

March 04, 2014

2014 Lulu's Personal Top 25 Vintage Clothing Websites

Lulus Vintage Top 25

Adored Vintage

Antique Dress

Circa Vintage Clothing (Australia)

Concetta's Closet

Dear Golden Vintage


Dethrose Vintage

Dorothea's Closet Vintage

Dressing Vintage


1860 - 1960


Garb-Oh Vintage


Kitty Girl Vintage

Mill Crest Vintage

Palm Beach Vintage

Posh Girl Vintage

Raleigh Vintage

Shrimpton Couture

Swank Vintage

Vintage Textile

Vintage Virtuosa


Viva Vintage Clothing

Congratulations to all of the winners! Keep your eyes peeled for Style Council interviews with all of them!

Each year there are more and more vintage clothing stores opening up online. That makes my task of narrowing down the stores all the more difficult.

How do I choose my list of Top Vintage Clothing Websites? I look for multiple things:

When I first go to a website I usually go straight to the dress category to see what range of styles and eras they have. Dresses were a huge part of vintage life and I feel that it is usually a good way to judge what a store has.

Good range of eras but also a solid selection of items from specific eras.

Clean, tidy looking, well lit photos and non cluttered backgrounds.

Usually I prefer a faceless mannequin or a nice dress form for the displaying of the clothing.

Good size photos on the webpages, easy to see what the garments look like from a quick glance.